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Thousands Of Homeowners Protect Their Home's Front Door With This Innovative Device That Is Selling Like Crazy

WINNER: Best Technology Gadget for Safety & Peace of Mind in 2022! Monitor your home’s front door from anywhere in the world! You can now protect your house and family with this cost-effective device!

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Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with the Guard Cam. It may be the only alert device that can protect you from potential harm and crimes.

The Guard Cam will record and alert you of what's happening while you're away, but can do so much more than that.

Did you know that over 210 Million Packages are stolen from porches every year? You or someone you know has likely been a victim! And it’s not just package thieves that are on the rise. Vandals and burglars test our homes’ and families’ safety daily. A lot that you may not know happens in front of a home’s door! 

Do you want to keep your home, family, and everything inside your property safe? Sure, you can’t be home all day to ward off burglars. You have errands to run, jobs to do, and children to chauffeur around. And most burglaries happen between 10 AM and 3 PM when a house is unlikely to be occupied. So what? Are you going to leave your home at its mercy? 

Imagine you’re a burglar who sees a house with no lights on and an empty driveway. You knock on the door just to be sure. While no one comes to the front door, someone says, “Hello, who is this? I’m upstairs”. Are you really going to choose that home to rob? Not very likely. But how is this possible when you’re not even inside the house?

The good news is you can now protect your property no matter where you are. How? With a tested and effective video doorbell, Guard Cam! And it’s not only about deterring crime of all types. You’ll now never miss a package you’ve been waiting for for days simply because you were out of the house for a while. Or you can let your guests know you’ll be right there to open the door for them without having them wait aimlessly. No wonder why Guard Cam has become so popular all over the world!

Knock knock. Who’s there? With Guard Cam, you’ll never have to ask this question again. Guard Cam is the easiest way to safeguard your property against theft, home invasion, porch pirates, and unwanted visitors. Through the Wi-Fi to stream live video, you can have a full view of who is on your doorstep before opening the door. It also records footage of visitors approaching your door while you’re unable to answer or away. This will also come in handy if anyone tries to steal something from your porch. You’ ll now have a recording to show to the police!

Guard Cam offers a variety of features, including motion detection, cloud video storage, and a speaker. You can now answer your door from anywhere in the world through its mobile application, seeing and speaking to your visitors as if you’re there in person. The 170° wide-angle camera lens gives you a complete view so that you can monitor your whole front year/porch. And what about nighttime? Enabled with a 1080p IR night vision camera, you can get a crystal clear view of anyone at your front door, even when it’s dark.

You are still not sure why this device is so popular? The two-way talk system and smart alerts will definitely convince you why you should get one for you the sooner the possible. These features allow you to communicate with your visitors in real-time and get alerts on your phone even when you are out for chores or on a trip. Monitoring your home was never easier before!

What Makes Guard Cam So Special?

1: More affordable than traditional CCTV systems:
Way more affordable than conventional CCTV systems, it can be self-installed and ensure you get a live feed from the camera through your smartphone even when you’re not at home. 

2: Easy installation & No wiring needed:
You can keep your front door look neat and beautiful as you don’t have to worry about wires ruining your home’s aesthetics. All you need is a mountable bracket.

3: Motion detection & Live notifications:
Thanks to the motion detection feature, a push notification will immediately alert you on your phone when someone is at your door. That way, you can monitor and take action swiftly, even when you’re not at home.

4: Two-way talk system:
Communicate with your visitors in real-time, no matter where you are. Receive packages without any contact and greet your guests while finishing up your preparations.

5: IR day & night vision:
Have a crystal clear view of anyone being at your front door even when it’s dark, thanks to the 1080p IR vision camera.

Who can benefit from Guard Cam?

✅ Never miss a visitor again while on your way home or are a bit late to open the door.

✅ Get no contact package delivery if you are busy or not at home.

✅ Have property security & surveillance during any time of the day, no matter where you are.

✅ Record & capture anything happening at your front door in case you’ll need it for proof.

What are these “cutting edge” features of the Guard Cam?

Guard Cam Video Doorbell checks all the boxes that make it the best home security and monitoring system while allowing you to answer your front door from anywhere in the world! Here are the features making it a must-have for every homeowner.

  1. HD Video – Always have a clear view of your front door with 1080p quality.
  2. Operating Condition – Weather-resistant camera allows you to use it no matter the weather.
  3. Motion Detection – Geo-fencing alerts let you know when someone is about to enter your home.
  4. Night Vision – Infrared Enabled lets you monitor your front door’s surroundings even after dark.
  5. Mountable Bracket – Installation is easier than ever, and no wires are needed, keeping your home looking great.
  6. Wi-Fi – Connect it to your smartphone and monitor your front door from anywhere in the world.
  7. 2-Way Audio – Communicate with visitors or delivery people arriving at your place through the built-in microphone.
  8. Notification – Get alerts on your smartphone in real-time.
  9. Lens – 170° Wide Angle covers your whole front entrance.
  10. Power – The device can be used for 8 – 12 months on just 1 Charge.
  11. App Compatible – You can use Guard Cam no matter your mobile phone, as it is Android & iOS compatible.

How Much Does It Cost?

With similar (less efficient) devices going for $1500+ you would expect the Guard Cam to be at least this...

But what if I told you that the Guard Cam retails for $99.99, this is way below your expectations right!

HOWEVER, do you know what's better than paying the already great full $99.99 price?

Their 50% promotional discount, where you can order yours for just $39!

Click here to claim a discounted Guard Cam (if it's still available) >>

How Can It Be So Affordable?

Did you know big brands spend BILLIONS on advertising, physical stores, and boss bonuses? Can you guess who's paying for that? Yep, us the customers...

The Guard Cam spends nothing on any of this. They only sell online, don't advertise on TV and don't have greedy owners who demand ridiculous bonuses.

They prefer to let their devices and positive reviews do the talking for them!

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

100% Yes. The Guard Cam  is the best way to protect you and your family.

The time to buy the Guard Cam is now before this discount runs out. It's already selling like crazy you'll quickly see why thousands of Americans have ordered theirs already!

The icing on the cake is the price. If it's still on promotion for under $200 - definitely, pick up before they go. 

In case you couldn't guess, I LOVED it! You won't find a better Guard Cam for a better price.

How to get a Guard Cam...

Order now to lock in this exclusive price for our readers, straight from the manufacturer.

Ever since this story was featured, it has skyrocketed in popularity and sold over 1.5 million units.

And with so many people wanting one, the company is now offering an exclusive 50% off discount with free shipping to all new customers, plus a 30-day guarantee.*

Get your Guard Cam from their Guard Cam official website here.

The Guard Cam comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk for you! If you act now, you can secure a 50% discount available for today only. Don’t wait to ensure your home is toasty warm and safe! 

As of * – Ever since the Guard Cam was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, first time buyer 50% discount.

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